Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Gospel Truth

Today, millions of people daily read the Gospels.  The four books that open the New Testament seems fixed in time and solid in their presentations.  However, in 70 AD, when Mark sat down to write the earliest Gospel, he must have tried to gather every available source of information.  What did he find?  Where did he get it from?  He had no books, no libraries, no internet, no common resources and, living in Rome, far from Jerusalem where Jesus died at least 30 years before, no direct access.

The other three Gospel writers at least had his book to rely on. However, they, too, also added details, somehow finding more sources of information to create the foundation of Christian faith.  How?  Where?  

Read The Gospel Truth.  You'll find the answers there.

Like an archaeologist digging through layers to find the past, this book takes readers on a journey through existing Jewish religious texts, pagan beliefs and ideas proposed by alternative Christian sects to seek sources for every aspect of the Gospel accounts.  This research provides the first clear picture not of Jesus but of how four authors wove diverse threads together to create the beloved Gospels.

This book should interest to anyone wanting to know more about early Christian history.  No existing book has compiled all the sources in a single volume.  It is not written for experts, but contains well-supported research that supports the author’s thesis.

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