Friday, January 26, 2024

 The first new history-based theory regarding the origin of Christianity in more than 170 years.

Available from Nova Science publishers. 


Rodney Stark

Codirector, Institute for Studies of Religion

Baylor University

Your book is astonishing. As a person who has openly confessed to having trouble with faith, I was overwhelmed with the logic and depth of understanding in The Other Jesus. You have explained the origin of Christianity in a way that clarifies what has too long been obscure.

James Russell Kirkland

Professor, University of Georgia,  Department of Religious Studies (retired)

Thank you for your profound book. I wish it had been available when I was teaching at the University of Georgia. It answers so many questions that have puzzled religious historians like me for years.

Msgr. John Meier

Religious scholar and Roman Catholic priest

Thank you for sharing your book with me. As a devout member of the Church, I cannot accept your findings. However, as a scholar, I can find no fault in your research. As I previously noted, Jesus could not have intended to found a church because he found a church already existing. Early sources, however, agree Jesus did extraordinary things not easily explained by human means. That is enough for me.

Robert C. Gregg

Dean, Religious Life, Stanford University

Your book serves as an important reminder of how our knowledge of religious history expands. It will not affect the existence of Christianity but, I suspect, will widen appreciation for its worldwide success despite its murky origins. I am particularly impressed that The Other Jesus is written so laymen can understand it.

Dr. A. Ronald Tonks

Assistant Archivist, Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives, Nashville, Tennessee

Author:  Faith, Stars, and Stripes: The Impact of Christianity on the Life History of America (1976)

What an incredible, original theory. I have always been buoyed by my faith, but, as an historian, I am gratified to finally have some of the most significant questions in Christian history have finally been answered. Congratulations.