Thursday, June 14, 2012

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One reader called Jehovah's Witnesses a destructive cult.  I guess that would depend on the definition of destructive.  One religion is no different than another: used as a weapon to enforce God's "will," then it is destruction; used as a force to make life better for people, then it's not.  We all know that religion has been wielded like a club through history, but that's balanced somewhat by the charity and support that religion has provided to billions.  The Jehovah's Witnesses are no different.

By the way, and quite appropriately, Jehovah is gibberish.  It was created as a way of making sense of Hebrew used to represent God's name.  The letters themselves had no meaning -- they are simply substitutes to avoid printing God's name in a document that may later be destroyed -- but the translators didn't know that.  A belief based on nonsense syllables is suitably ironic.

To the other reader who questioned the name of the author of Devil's Food: the writer is Paul Winslowe.  He lives in Florida and has written only a few stories.

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