Thursday, January 13, 2011

What's a little snow?

Everyone in Daytona Beach appears upset by the cold weather -- 28 degrees last night.  Windchill must have been 10. I'm the exception. I think it's pretty nice.  After all,  I was born in Maine and remember walking through snow tunnels to school.  I was much smaller then, of course.  In Northeast Ohio, where I live for more than 20 years, we often had 100-plus inches of snow every winter.  Try delivering newspapers in that kind of weather.  I did.  Our superintendent never closed school.  My brothers and I once walked to school is -23 temperatures.  My mother tried to drive us during that unusually severe cold spell, and her car engine froze at an intersection.  One day, after we arrived, school was canceled because of the cold, so we walked the 1.5 miles home in -21 degree cold.  While living in Cleveland, I recall seeing snowdrifts by the side of the road that looked like mountains.  One trip come home from Pennsylvania, we slid on ice for what seemed like miles.  A little cold?  Nothing to even think about.

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